Transform your dog's health, with meals made from human-grade ingredients!

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Why Honcoop's lightly cooked meals?

Improves Digestion
Your dog’s healing begins with the gut! Once their digestive system is in order, their overall health will improve as well.
Helps heal your dog's skin
Say “goodbye” to itchy skin! No more expensive creams from the Vet!
Your dog will shed less & look shiner
Who likes vacuuming every day? NO ONE! Our products are proven to cut down on your dog’s shedding! Plus, their coats with look ultra-shiney. Win-win!
Decreases allergies & yeast
Stop paw chewing and ear scratching in its tracks! Our meals help improve your dog’s allergies and yeast so they can live more comfortably.

Why Choose Us?

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Order Meals

Order online!
Head over to and order your meals and supplements. Get them shipped to your address anywhere in the USA!
Wait for fresh meals to arrive!
All of our dog meals are shipped frozen in cold, insulated boxes to ensure your meals arrive fresh!




Store &

Store in the freezer, thaw - then serve!
Keep your meals fresh by storing them in the freezer! When your ready to serve the meals, simply thaw them in the fridge for 24hrs then serve! Your dog is going to go nuts for the taste of Honcoop Pet Meals! We promise!

Satisfied Clients REVIEWS about our meals!

“When I first got my rescue beagle, he was on a kibble diet and wasn’t eating much. I could see he was tired & sad at meal times… Honcoop cooked meals completely transformed my dog’s health & well-being!”
Lydia H. – Louisville, KY
“Introducing Honcoop Pet Meals to Zoey Rose was a big success. Before, if the cats wanted to take her food, she usually let them have it, not anymore. I can tell the gut problem she was having is no more. She enjoys the treats as well.”
Tonya – Cape Garardeau, MO
“We began using Honcoop Natural Pet Food for our older dog Lola, who was plagued with allergies and digestive problems. But after using this diet for three weeks, she never had an episode of gas or diarrhea again. Currently living her best life.”
Bep P. – Athens, GA
“Our dog Bear was unfortunately stuck with a kibble diet for a few years. But after noticing his bad breath and messy bowel movements getting worse, we decided it was time for a change. The moment we made the switch, Bear was a different dog. He was so excited for meal time and within just two weeks, the improvement in his breath and bowel movements was noticeable. It was such a relief to see Bear happy and healthy again.”
David J. – Aiken, SC

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