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Disclaimer: Agreement for Purchase of Treats from Honcoop (Natural Pet Food)

By clicking “I agree,” you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions regarding the purchase and use of treats, including duck feet, chicken feet, pork ears, and frozen, raw marrow bones, from Honcoop Enterprises LLC, operating as Honcoop (Natural Pet Food):
Nature of Treats:
Honcoop (Natural Pet Food) offers treats, including duck feet, chicken feet, pork ears, and frozen, raw marrow bones, designed for supplemental feeding and enjoyment for your dog. These treats are not intended to replace a complete and balanced meal.
Supplemental Use:
Treats provided by Honcoop (Natural Pet Food) are meant to be given as supplements to your dog’s regular diet and should not constitute the primary source of nutrition.
Potential Choking Hazard:
Certain treats, such as duck feet and chicken feet, may pose a choking hazard. Always monitor your dog while they enjoy these treats and ensure they are given in an appropriate size for your dog’s breed and size.
Frozen Marrow Bones:
Frozen, raw marrow bones are provided as a recreational chewing item. It is essential to supervise your dog while consuming these bones and discard any bone pieces that become small enough to be swallowed.
Consultation with Veterinarian:
Before introducing any new treats to your dog’s diet, consult with your veterinarian to ensure they are suitable for your dog’s health and dietary requirements.
Responsibility for Supervision:
By agreeing to these terms, you assume responsibility for the safe and supervised use of treats. Do not leave your dog unattended while enjoying treats, and ensure treats are given in moderation.
Limitation of Liability:
Honcoop Enterprises LLC shall not be held liable for any adverse effects, health issues, or damages resulting from the consumption of treats. It is your responsibility to monitor your dog’s health and discontinue the use of treats if any adverse reactions occur.
By clicking “I agree,” you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms outlined in this disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before proceeding with your purchase.