Our Dehydrated Pork Ears are a savory and satisfying treat crafted with simplicity in mind. Each pork ear is meticulously dehydrated, preserving its natural taste and texture without the need for added colors, preservatives, or fillers. Indulge your canine companion with the essence of pure pork, providing a flavorful and wholesome chewing experience. These treats are a testament to our commitment to quality and transparency—just the natural goodness of dehydrated pork ears for your pet’s enjoyment.


Nutritional Information:
Ingredients: Pig Ear
Caloric Content: 202 cal/ear

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (max) | 6.4%
Protein (min) | 59.3%
Fat (min) | 26%
Fiber (max) | 0.9%

Pig Ears (Dehydrated)


Feeding Instructions for Pork Ears:

Supervised Feeding:

Feed dehydrated pork ears under direct supervision, ensuring safe chewing and preventing potential choking. Offer only one treat at a time.

Feed Responsibly:

Provide dehydrated pork ears responsibly, offering a single treat as a supplement to your dog’s diet. It is not a replacement for a complete and balanced meal.

Freezer Storage:

Store dehydrated pork ears in the freezer for freshness, as no preservatives are used. Keep each treat individually frozen for optimum quality.

Treat, Not Meal Replacement:

Dehydrated pork ears are treats, not primary meals. Integrate them sparingly into your dog’s diet, offering each treat one at a time for variety.

Avoid Overindulgence:

Prevent overfeeding by offering dehydrated pork ears in moderation. Follow recommended serving sizes and provide only one treat at a time to support your dog’s health and digestive well-being.

“Not for human consumption”


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