Shipping & Delivery

Honcoop Enterprises LLC. offers multiple shipping options. These options are constantly being assessed and subject to change. Honcoop makes shipping and receiving as streamlined and easy as can be for the end user. One thing we will always do is deliver to your door. It’s as easy as that. How we deliver the product to your door is your decision.

We have three options.

Place an insulated cooler in a safe, accessible location on your property. We will place your order in the cooler so it’s cool when you get home.

Honcoop offers freezer delivery to your home or garage. We’ll make sure we catch you on a day when you’re home and deliver your order directly into the freezer.

Honcoop clients can choose a fully insulated box and have the order delivered to your door through our own delivery service or a shipping company based on location.

Honcoop will ship your order 5-7 days after your order has been processed.
*Shipping charges apply.
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